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    Query authenticity
    Please visit the only official website: m.adacme.com/en

    The website after scan by mobile should be directed to our official website: m.adacme.com (A fake website already was found: www.ginde.co.) If any fake anti-counterfeiting label was found, please report to mobile: 0086 18640008481 or email to ginde@ginde.com

    How to check:

    Check by smartphone: Each piece of our products has a unique anti-counterfeiting label onside. It can be scanned by smartphone with Wechat or QR scanner, etc.
    Check on website: Visit the Ginde official website: m.adacme.com/en, type in the 14 numbers anti-counterfeiting code to verify.

    How to identify: (very important)

    1. Please check on the golden S shaped fiber and red anti-counterfeiting line on the label. Please observe the shape, the position, and the direction as same as mentioned before. If it matches, the product is genuine. If not, the product must be fake!
    2. The golden S shaped fiber is buried in paper, not printed on the surface.
    3. Tear open the label, the golden S fiber can be pulled out from the paper.